Hardener & Densifier


DuraForce(i) is a liquid integral hardener that increases the durability throughout the depth of the slab. It creates additional hydration products which penetrate the multitude of capillaries, therefore hardening the slab during the curing process.

DuraForce(i), along with our DuraForce(t) and FiberForce 750, creates a system that can improve the concrete slab abrasion resistance by up to 400%. The increased durability helps extend service life of the concrete, thus improving sustainability.

Additional Information

DuraForce(i) should be added directly to the freshly mixed concrete at the end of the batch process with the tail water. Mix for 7 minutes at full charging speed to ensure complete uniform distribution. DuraForce(i) is compatible with fly ash, portland-limestone cement, granulated ground blast furnace slag, all chemical admixtures, and poly- olefin and steel fibers. It does not promote corrosion of embedded traditional steel reinforcement.

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