Cure & Seal


DuraForce(t) is a liquid topical densifier that increases the surface density and abrasion resistance of the concrete slab. Depending on the desired performance, it can also be used as a finishing aid or a topical cure and seal at various application rates.

DuraForce(t) along with our DuraForce(i) and FiberForce 750, creates a system that can improve the concrete slab abrasion resistance by 400%. The increased durability helps extend service life of the concrete, thus improving sustainability.

Additional Information

DuraForce(t) is recommended to be applied with a clean/fresh tip, high-volume, low-pressure pump sprayer at 40–70 psi (0.3-0.5 MPa). Apply between the panning process and the final troweled finish. Hold tip 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) above the concrete surface while moving side to side in a uniform pattern to achieve distribution. Do not over apply and do NOT allow ponding at the slab surface. If additional moisture is needed during the finishing process, use DuraForce(t) as a finishing aid. The slab shall be finished to a mirrored/burnished finish.

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