Topical Densifier


DuraForce(t) is topically applied at the time of concrete placement. The product is a penetrating, water-based silicate material that densifies and increases the abrasion resistance of concrete. The formula is chloride-free and is recommended for both interior and exterior use. The result is the creation of additional hydration products penetrating the multitude of capillaries, densifying the slab surface during the curing process. DuraForce(t) is non-toxic and volatile organic compound (VOC) free.

Additional Information

DuraForce(t) is recommended to be applied with a clean/fresh tip, high-volume, low-pressure pump sprayer at 40–70 psi (0.3-0.5 MPa). Apply between the panning process and the final troweled finish. Hold tip 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) above the concrete surface while moving side to side in a uniform pattern to achieve distribution. Do not over apply and do NOT allow ponding at the slab surface. If additional moisture is needed during the finishing process, use DuraForce(t) as a finishing aid. The slab shall be finished to a mirrored/burnished finish.

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