FullForce(HP) High Performance Slab System

With FullForce(HP), you will experience a well-engineered, high performance slab system that is designed to be durable, constructable, and sustainable.

This system utilizes FiberForce 750, DuraForce(i), and DuraForce(t) to increase concrete durability, impact, and abrasion resistance. This technology results in three-dimensional hardening performance which reduces shrinkage by up to 35%—and permanently increases abrasion resistance throughout the slab by up to 400% based on ASTM C944.

This slab system provides a cost-effective construction process, that requires little maintenance, and has sustainability features.


FullForce(HP) is an excellent solution for exterior slabs on ground such as:

  • Data Centers
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Big Box Stores
  • Industrial Warehouses/Distribution Centers
  • Freezer Slabs
  • Automotive Plants
  • Transfer Stations



Extended Joint Spacing


Increased Abrasion Resistance

Improved Durability
Resisting Heavy Wheel Loads / Point Loads
Excellent Crack Control / Residual Flexural Strength

Safety & Sustainability

This system contributes to a decrease in embodied carbon by removing traditional secondary steel reinforcement and reducing labor through integral products.

Its durability features result in increased service life and will not need to be replaced and repaired as quickly as other slab systems.

Cost & Time Savings

FullForce(HP) incorporates integral products added at the ready-mix plant, which eliminates the time and labor associated with placing traditional steel reinforcement. Additionally, the topical densifier is a single-step application process which reduces installation time compared to other topical densifiers on the market.

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