FullForce(XP) Exterior Pavement System

The FullForce(XP) exterior pavement system uses FiberForce 750 and DuraForce(t) to provide three-dimensional crack-control and hardening performance which increases the pavement’s durability, fatigue strength, and ductility and allows the pavement thickness to be reduced by an average of 10% or more.


FullForce(XP) is an excellent solution for exterior pavements, such as:

  • Automotive Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Truck Lanes
  • Parking Lots



Increased Durability


Built-In Sustainability Features

Thickness Reduction

Sustainability & Safety

FullForce(XP) exterior pavement system’s composition increases the effective flexural strength of the pavement and increases the life of the wearing surface, making it more reliable and less likely to need maintenance.

This system also contributes to a decrease in embodied carbon by thinning the pavement section, removing the need for traditional, secondary steel reinforcement, reducing labor costs, and improving the longevity of the pavement.

Cost & Time Savings

FullForce(XP) saves money and reduces initial materials needed, installation costs, and long-term maintenance costs. Plus, reinforcement is integrated into the concrete mix at the plant, eliminating the time needed to place traditional reinforcement on site.

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