FullForce(XP)eco Exterior Pavement System

Heavy Duty Asphalt vs FullForce(XP)eco

The FullForce(XP)eco exterior pavement system uses GeoForce, FiberForce 750, DuraForce(i) and DuraForce(t) to stabilize soft subgrade soils as well as increase the concrete’s durability, impact, and abrasion resistance, fatigue strength, and ductility—all while reducing the pavement’s thickness by an average of 20%.

This system also improves sustainability by densifying the concrete, increasing the life of its wearing surface, and contributing to a decrease of embodied carbon. It comes with a variety of sustainability features that simultaneously save time and additional costs.


FullForce(XP)eco is an excellent solution for exterior pavements, such as:

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Transfer Stations





Abrasion Resistance

Built-In Sustainability Features
Extended Service Life
Thickness Reduction

*FullForce(XP)eco eliminates the need for soil cement, or lime to stabilize the subgrade. Plus, you can use lesser-quality in-fill materials for the base, reducing your trucking costs and lessening your carbon footprint.

Sustainability & Safety

This system improves service life by increasing the effective flexural strength of the concrete, densifying the concrete, and increasing the life of the wearing surface which contribute to a decrease in embodied carbon by thinning the pavement section. Additional sustainability benefits can be achieved by removing the need for traditional, secondary reinforcement and by reducing labor through the use of integral products.

Lastly this system eliminates the need for soil cement or lime to stabilize the subgrade, so you can use lesser-quality in-fill materials for the base to reduce trucking costs.

Cost and Time Savings

The FullForce(XP)eco exterior pavement system is ideal for customers concerned about long-term sustainability and Life Cycle Costs. This system’s reinforcement and hardener are integrated in the concrete mix at the plant, saving you valuable time on-site.

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