From pellet to placement, we’ll be there.

From concept design, to concrete placement, we focus on creating engineered solutions for you.

proven performance

We are a fully integrated, leading manufacturer of many types of synthetic microfibers, synthetic macrofibers and steel macrofibers for the Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing industry. Since 1993, our concrete-fiber performance has been proven in over 200+ million cubic yards of concrete.

maximize your project's success

Our in-house registered elite engineers are always available to help you evaluate specific applications and recommend the best Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) solution — including fiber type, dosage rate, mix design, value engineering, and finishing methods.

What sets us apart?

Our focus is to manufacture, create, and deliver fiber-engineered solutions fit for your projects. By maintaining our focus, we provide you with a selling advantage while maximizing your profits.

Experience & Field Support

Our field support and engineering experts have decades of industry experience. From early design through delivery and placement, we focus on helping you.

Proudly Made in the USA

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on having manufactured fibers in the USA since the mid-1990s.
By doing so, we eliminate overseas shipping hassles, provide on-time delivery, and keep your money here while helping create American jobs.

Creating Profitable Opportunities

When partnering with FullForce, we make you and your business the focus. You will experience greater success in various profit centers as well as long-term, loyal relationships.

The FullForce Washout Bag
by FlexSack

FullForce has teamed up with the bag experts at FlexSack. The joining of our comprehensive concrete construction experience and extensive bulk bag knowledge has led to the development of the FullForce Washout Bag by FlexSack, a new line of concrete washout bags for on-site concrete washout, remediation, and disposal.

AcuBatch Fiber Dispenser

As a leading manufacturer of over thirty types of concrete fibers, we understand the importance of a reliable dispenser. The all-new Acubatch Fiber Dispenser is an innovative solution created to reliably enhance quality assurance, prioritize employee safety, and increase productivity.

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