Bedford Co. Agg Center

Shelbyville, TN

This project was originally specified with 10 gauge welded wire reinforcement. Having to pump this into an existing structure with welded wire reinforcement on the ground created a lot of safety concerns. Using FiberForce 300 at a dosage rate of 1.5 lb/yd3 in lieu of WWR was the safe, cost-efficient, and time-efficient answer. The project did not have one crack in the 20,000 ft2 slab which was poured in one consecutive pour with a 4,000 psi flyash mix with a 5” slump using FiberForce 300 and was placed with a 31 m pump that had 180 ft of system.


FF 300


20000 yd2


Bedford County

Concrete Contractor

Lee Adcock Construction

Ready-mix Concrete Supplier

Irving Materials, Inc.