Tri Pointe Homes Slabs

El Dorado Hills, CA
Two single family model homes in El Dorado Hills near Bass Lake California used a combination of synthetic micro- and macrofibers in their interior slab along with the garage floor. The 4000 psi with 5 in slump, slab on grades called for 1 lb/ yd3 of FiberForce 150 and 3 lb/ yd3 of FiberForce 750 in lieu of rebar. The high cost of steel and the shortage of labor has finally become a factor in the consideration of using synthetic fiber instead of steel rebar.


FF 750


120 yd3


Tri Point Homes


Harris & Sloan

Concrete Contractor

CVC Construction

Ready-mix Concrete Supplier

Elite Ready Mix

“We are happy with the way these slabs turned out and believe this is the way of the future.”